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Biomedical Patient Biosignals Simulator

The Biomedical Patient Biosignals Simulator (BIPBS) unit allows the students to learn how to interpret and perform the most important biosignal measurements: Electrocardiography (ECG), Pulse oximetry (SpO ), Blood Pressure (BP) and Capnography (etCO ).

The Biomedical Patient Biosignals Simulator (BIPBS) includes:

- Patient simulator, a mannequin which mimics the above-mentioned biological signals (among others) by means of a controller software with different programmable scenarios of healthy and ill patients.

- Real Multi-parameter patient monitor to be connected to the mannequin for the real measurement of the simulated signals.

 - Defibrillator, applies a certain amount of energy to the simulated heart whenever the patient simulator presents a fibrillating ECG in order to return to a normal ECG.

 1-Basic principles of biosignals acquisition.

 2-Understanding of biosignal measuring devices.

 4-Interpretation of the normal pattern of ECG.

 5-Analysis of ECG pattern changes.

 6-Interpretation of the normal Sp O pattern.

 7-Analysis of Sp O pattern changes. 

 8-Interpretation of the normal pattern of etCO .

 9-Analysis of etCO pattern changes.

10-Interpretation of the normal pattern of arterial blood pressure.

11-Analysis of arterial blood pressure pattern changes.

12-nderstanding the reaction that certain drugs have on biopotentials.
14-Study of defibrillation mechanism.

15-Defibrillation consequences in humans.

16-Basic principles of pacemakers (only if the defibrillator includes a pacemaker)

17-Analysis of the ECG of a patient stimulated by a transcutaneous pacemaker (only if the defibrillator includes a pacemaker).

18-Determination of the charge time of the defibrillator.

19-Study of the cardiac synchronization of the defibrillator.

20-Measurement of the energy discharge of the defibrillator.

21-Analysis of the defibrillator unit with changes in the ECG.


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