SKU: AD-195

Robot Kit (High grade course2)

The AD-195 Robot kit helps children understand robot technology based on the useful and various assembly components such as
CPU board, contact sensor  board, infrared  sensor, DC motor & servo motor, and remote control etc.
In addition, it is not hard to assemble/disassemble at any time because it has a safe circuit module(welding is unnecessary).
They can learn how to assemble & disassemble every kinds of robot, how to control the robot by their self- initiated programming skill.
In the whole process of  assembling &  disassembling and programming activity, they can strengthen the spatial perception, develop the brain power and easily access to programming skill .
- Recommended O/S is Windows XP. (The program may not be available in Windows Vista.)
 This course helps students to deepen their understanding of robotic assembly and its program to control the robot.
 Students also can figure out how to use various chips and complex arithmetic operations such as variable chips, function chip etc.
 Let’s solve applied problems through interesting missions.


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