SKU: BA-031

Electro-Pneumatic Control Trainer

- Minimize experimental trainer with integrated electric control panel
- Suitable with complicated circuits configuration with increasing relay contact points. (8C)
- Provide ease of wiring and commission by proper positioning a control board in lab experiment
- Configuration of basic and application circuits with various electric/pneumatic control devices
- Free placement with control modules that are attached with an one touch lever type clamp
- Provide parts arranging efficiency with electric cable hangers and a parts cabinet
- Suitable with training competition and technology examine including hands-on filed training
- Promote educational learning with control modules of actual industrial standards
- Practical model and field training system are consisted of actual industrial control components
- Ease of control and connection with PLC practice device
- Independent experimental board and table with attached experimental board (2 kinds selectable)
The trainer allows studying from principle of pneumatic and electric and pneumatic control technology, based on automated system, to actual practical control technology with lightweight structure. It supplies independent experimental conditions in education field or training technicians and operating education.
Practical integrated control panel
As proper experimental condition for power supplies, signal input elements (Operation switches), the signal output elements (Buzzer / Lamp, etc.) and control (Relays / Timer / Counter) elements. The trainer supplies efficient experimental environments and independent model with slim structure and additional functions.
Safety and convenience
Since the trainer is an educational device, built-in over current protection circuit prevents device failure from wiring mistakes. The control model with attached one touch lever type clamp device is safely / conveniently attached on the aluminum profile practice board (Hole interval 25mm).
Excellent manual
The self-written manual (S/W, Manual, Examples), which is qualified from long-term education against many students in professional educational, creates an active involvement in education as provide effective learning environment.
CPE-PN2100 uses widely in actual industry field, and it enhance practical skills on-site of automation system technicians with practice based educational trainer.


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