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Electro-Pneumatic Trainer

- Basic and application circuits with various electronic-pneumatic control components.
- One-touch lever type clamp attaches to the control module to safe of various experiments and simple operation.
- Safe drawers to store, clean up, and quick arrange components.
- Field education for on-site practice including competitions.
- Enhance efficiency with industrial standard signals and names in control module.
- Field industry education system with actual industrial control components.
The primary object of the trainer is giving wide knowledge, usage, and understanding about electro-pneumatic and pure pneumatic systems and trains technicians for actual industry field. Since the trainer applies power supply with over-current protection circuit prevents components failure by wiring mistakes. Blake attached caster is used, and moving of experimental trainer and stable fix are available. We also provide angle adjustable profile experimental panel to guarantee convenience.
Convenience of components attachment
One-touch type clamp device that is patented by Chungpa EMT is enough hard to fix profile to practice various experiments in safely.
Storage and arrangement of experimental components
Control components of module type uses attached drawer on the table to ease of storage and arrangement without losses.
Field adaptability
The trainer with actual components that are used in industry field widely enhances practice abilities of pneumatic control technicians.
Excellent manual and teaching book
Manual that is written with know-how by feedback experiences creates new educational environment with efficient level of curriculum goals and learning step by step.

Software and Manual
- Automatic system design tool : Automation Studio (Option)
- Pneumatic control technology manual
- Electro-pneumatic control technology manual
- Air hose and Hose cutter : 30m (Inside/External diameter : 6mm/4mm)
- Plumbing component : T type connector 
- Support components : 1set 
- Power cable (Electro-pneumatic) : 1ea
- Pneumatic compressor (Low noise type)
- Pressure air storage 
- Pneumatic components symbols set 
- Digital multifunctional meter : 1ea
- Attachable PLC experimental trainer


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