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Hydraulic Trainer

- Prevent environmental pollution with eco-friendly coupling to restrain leakage.
- Basic and application circuits with various electro-hydraulic components. 
- Guarantee of convenience and compatibility with quick coupling standard connection plumbing.
- Freely installation in direction of vertical/parallel of experiments and module control components.
- Safe drawers to store, clean up, and quick arrange components. 
- Provide hydraulic hoses and hose holder for experiments for experiments.
- Electro control and pressure control with attached hydraulic power pack : Power switch, a pressure limiting valve, hydraulic pump, oil tank, shut-off valves, flow meters.
- Educations of electric/proportional/servo hydraulic control are available with electric control components.

With hydraulic dducation trainer, you can not only learn various theories and experiments from basic of hydraulic control technology to professional control practices, but also principle and laws about energy transfer and hydraulic generation. To apply widely used hydraulic system in industry filed to education system, control components are consisted with simple and light components for efficient various experiments. The components and plumbing keep clean to prevent leakage. The aluminum profile experimental table with attached caster to guarantee robustness and durability is perfectly fixed and easily moved. Also a power supply with over-current protection circuit prevents components failure from wrong wiring. The 4mm electric plug and socket allows convenience and scalability in experiments.

Software and Manual
- Automatic system design tool : Automation Studio (Option)
- Hydraulic control technology manual 
- Electro-hydraulic control technology manual
- Oil sieve and filter cartridge 
- Hydraulic hose hanger
- Support components : 1set
- Power cable (Electro-hydraulic) : 1ea
- Manual operation pump : 1ea 
- Diaphragm accumulator and charging device : each 1ea
- Resistance measurements hose (2 Kinds) : each 1ea
- Hydraulic components symbols set 
- Hydraulic pump unit (Large type)
- Pressure filter module : 1ea
- Digital multifunctional meter : 1ea
- PLC experimental trainer


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