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DC Motor experimental kit

1)AF-191 is featured by creating a magnetic field using permanent magnet instead of using DC voltage and its speed is controlled by applying variable DC voltage to the armature.A fixed DC voltage of 90V or 180V is applied when creating a magnetic field with DC voltage.  Large-scale bridge diodes and A device that simultaneously starts at DC motor ON/OFF is also installed.Moreover, a device to remove surge generated at ON/OFF needs to be installed at the contact.         
2) DC motor can be controlled in multiple steps using several VRs. Motor brake can be controlled by reverse-phase control or by inserting resistor and others to the armature port as soon as the motor stops.A device to control the rising time to the rated speed and the falling time to the stationary speed may be attached to a large motor Brake rate is also controlled to avoid excessive force on the machine by adjusting resistance in multiple steps starting from Step 1.         
3) Although this training system is controlled a little different from high-power industrial motors, the basic control process is all the same. Therefore, practice of motor control in this textbook will be helpful for application of DC motors to the industry. T/G is not used for this training system because volt feedback is applied to motor control.       
4) Compatible with PLC and sequence trainer.        
5) Built-in controller type.        
6) Motor driving status can be checked directly.         
7) Test can be done just with the trainer body.        

Chap 1. Overview of DC motor     
Chap 2. Experiment on forward and reverse control of DC motor      
Chap 3. Experiment on DC motor speed control      
Chap 4. Multi-step speed control of DC motor     
Chap 5. DC motor brake control      
Chap 6. PLC-based multi-step speed control of DC motor     
Chap 7. PLC-based DC motor brake control      
Chap 8. PLC-based DC motor control with revolution detection     


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