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Temperature control experimental kit

 1) AF-190 is a training system designed to help understanding of temperature control from basic operation to applications.        
2) Temperature control types include Feedback control and sequence control and temperature control typicallyrefers to feedback control.        
3) The temperature control system is composed of temperature sensor, regulator, electronic temperature controller and control target Temperature sensor types include Pt100Ωthermal resistance sensor and thermocouples of J (IC) type and K (CA) typeThe sensing temperature range depends on characteristics of sensor and temperature controller. In other words, sensor and temperature controller should be selected depending on the temperature range to be controlled.        
5) Regulator type is determined depending on the fuel used for heating. For example, electric flow on/off is controlled using electronic contactor, SSR, etc. in case electricity is used for heating, while solenoid valve, gate valve, etc are used when gas or oil is used for heating.        
6) Compatible with PLC and sequence trainer        
7) Applies a heater model used in the industry        
8) A reduced model of an industrial heater        
9) Adopts industrial temperature controller layout        

Chap 1. Overview of temperature control     
Chap 2. Types and features of temperature sensors     
Chap 3. Experiment on universal temperature controller     
Chap 4. Experiment on temperature variation with heater drive     
Chap 5. Continuous control with a temperature controller     
Chap 6. PLC-based heater drive circuit      
Chap 7. PLC-based continuous control with a temperature controller      


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