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Classroom response system _1

AL-012  has the familiar mobile phone keypad layout for texting answers. This powerful new feature lets students answer more complex written questions just as if they were sending a text message. Teachers can use the AL-012  for short essay style questions as well as the traditional A-F, True/False and numeric answers.

Includes: software, receiver, instructor remote, student remote, cable, and carry case.

2.4GHz digital RF technology

128*64 dot matrix LCD display

120 character input

Transmission: distance > 100 m, 360 degrees

64 sets of systems can works well at the same classroom at the same time

Up to 2000 handsets can be used at the same time with one receiver

Works with XP, Vista, and Windows 7 and compatible with PPT 2003,2007 and 2010

Keypad handles alphabet, standard punctuation, numbers and symbols. Integrated with PowerPoint.

Supports multi-correct answer options

Address programmable handsets make it easy to assign any handset to any student and save classroom time.

Instant messaging function allows interactive messaging between teacher and students

Text question mode

For/Against/Abstain voting mode

True/False question mode

Yes/No question mode

Multiple choice question mode


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