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DSP Development Experiment System

(1) Integrating DSP experiment with EDA experiment in one, the function is strong and the content is abundant. The experiment development system is based on the design philosophy of module-type, bus-type and open-type, which not only could help users familiarly use DSP’s external materials, but also may finish EDA experiment by use of 30000 gates FPGA on the mainboard without increase of expansion board. It is real experiment development system integrating DSP with EDA in one.

(2) Users could freely choose DSP CPU board at their needs and finish experiments of DSP2000 type and DSP 5000 type. And the DSP CPU board is an independent module and could be used as EVM board for secondary development, innovative experiment and R&D.

(3) 54xEVM board is compatible with three types of 54x series’ DSP chip as 5402, 5410 and 5416 and could complete DSP 5000’s example program. Users could choose DSP chip according to DSP chip speed and memory capacity.

(4) Interface resource is abundant, such as USB2.0 interface, Ethernet interface, PS/2 keyboard interface, VGA display interface, and etc.

(5) The experiment development system has several innovative experiment module, speech card, Ethernet card, fingerprint acquisition card GPRS communication module, among which fingerprint acquisition module could be used to develop identity verification system. It is closer to practical system’s development and reflects the comprehensive function of DSP; Ethernet based speech recording and playing experiment can play WAV format music, which can not only inspire users’ interest in learning but also be used to develop popular network IP telephone, and etc.

(6) It provides MATLAB and DSP’s interface experiment, which could expand MATLAB experiment on DSP board. It reflects the development tendency in teaching, which is more suitable for basic teaching.

5000 Series DSP Experiment

Assembly Language Program Design Experiment

Instances of Application Program Development

On-chip Peripheral Equipment and Application

Expandability Experiments

Modern DSP technology Experiment

DSP and MATLAB Interface

2000 Series Experiments (Equip 2407EVM Board)

EDA Experiments



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