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FSO Communication Theory Experiment System

SA-142 FSO free space optical communication theory experiment system is applied to optoelectronics, information engineering, and physics. The experiment content is so comprehensive that it can meet the colleges, vocational schools’ relevant professional courses teaching needs.

It stresses the system and function components. It uses experiment box and optical module design form, which has high observability and systematic. It consists of clock module, cross module, optical module and telephone service module. It can support up to four network test equipment, and do the atmospheric optical communications experiment. It combines many new technologies of SDH concept and applications, and it integrates a large number of signal source module and communication module. Except the core module, it is also equipped with digital signal source, digital terminal, analog signal source, serial communication and optical attenuator modules. The experiment projects are abundant and the product function is great.

-The design is based on SDH. It uses our company’s unique teaching use 2M structure design to achieve high-capacity information transmission.

-It has the function of constructing network with several laboratory equipments. Now it supports four experiment boxes to compose as circle net to do experiment.

-Clock synchronization system: bit synchronization, frame synchronization, network synchronization

-Use1# signaling and the calling status and actual use are the same

-Combine digital signal source and digital terminals to display and test the transmitted results

-Adopt visual laser communication equipment to adjust the signal test system

-Add optical lens to achieve light attenuation measurement and Malus law verification

Experiment Contents:

1 FSO optical communication system electric interface experiment

User telephone interface experiment

2 Light source and light modulation and demodulation experiment

Electric light principle experiment

Light receive principle experiment

3 Analog signal atmosphere transmission experiment

Analog signal atmosphere optical transmission experiment

Image signal atmosphere optical transmission experiment

4 Digital signal atmosphere transportation experiment

Digital signal atmosphere optical transmission experiment

Telephone sound signal atmosphere optical transmission experiment

Computer data atmosphere optical transmission experiment

5 FSO optical communication network

Sound and digital signal atmosphere optical transmission experiment

FSO communication network comprehensive experiment

6 FSO optical communication system measurement technology experiment

Optical signal intensity attenuation measurement

Eye diagram observation experiment

Photo-electric detector response time test

Malus law verification experiment



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