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RFID-EPC Global Trainer


This RFID Training system presents the RFID operation and standardization processes.  There are one types of tags - active tag(915MHz).  Active tags has a built-in power supply that allows long-distance communication reaching to 13 meters.

Training using EPC Global Network

  1. Practice for EPC Global Network Theory

-  Protocol Exercise between Reader and Tag

-  Middleware Programming

  1. Practice for Tag Data read/write
  2. Mapping Tag Data to real product
  3. Internet Connection between Reader and Server.
    1. Database Construction coinciding Tag Data with Real Product.

Middleware Application


Embedded System Training of Active Tag on EPC Global Network

- Read/Write Practice for Tag data

-  Embedded Programming at Tag using JTAG

- Programming Exercise to Protocol Processing between Reader and Tag

-  Programming for Tag Data Processing Techniques


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