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Wind Energy Generation Training System Hand Type

1. Measuring generator's 3-phase output energy

2. Measuring generator rotation vs. hand force

3. Power conversion using converter, inverter and load

4. Magnitude of energy generation vs. load Power conversion circuit manufacturing practice

1. Designed to allow indoor experiments for the principle of wind power generation

2. The system is composed of generator, load, DCIDC converter, DCIAC inverter, FlyBack inverter, battery and quick charger

3. For the purpose of safety, load and inverter modules are contained in a steel enclosure.

4. Experiments are conducted under the same environment as wind power generation by applying force to the generator with hand instead of blade in order to exclude noise involved in wind power generation experiments

5.Check real-time power generation vs. hand force

6. Power conversion practice using DCIDC converter and DCIAC inverter

7.Designed to test and check the magnitude of energy generated

8. Each chapter of the training textbook is composed of theory, practice and report.

9. Manufacturing practice for power conversion and measurement of circuit characteristics


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