SKU: AC-205

DSP Experiement

  • AC-205 (DSP) Integration Development Environment Program
    • Display the TMS320C50 internal architecture.
    • Edit, Assemble, Compile, Download and program run of source file.
    • Program Trace, Break functions.
    • Code memory disassemble function.
    • TMS320C50 register Block & external Memory Dump and editing functions.
    • Program scroll display function
    • Pop-Up menu display.
    • Program stop to "ESC" key.
    • Use to keyboard and mouse.
  • Direct input to machine language.
  • LCD display function use to key-board.
  • LED display of current system bus status.
  • Various command function.
  • I/O Port and interrupt experiment.
  • I/O Port experiment use to C-Language.
  • I/O Output function use to audio or analog signal.
  • Analog signal input function use to 16bit A/D converter.
  • Analog signal output function use to 16bit D/A converter.
  • Extension memory and I/O port interface connector for use.
  • +5V, +12V, -12V S.M.P.S(Free Voltage) Power.
  • Wood case

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