SKU: AD-405

processor Module

 1- Very Compact Size : 85 mm x 55 mm x 11.6 mm.
2- Two Ways of Software Development and Debugging : Both Code Composer Studio with J-TAG Emulator and Code Builder (free-bundled) with RS232C Cable.
3- Availability: TMS320C6713-300MHz, TMS320C6203-300MHz, TMS320C6416-600MHz,  TMS320C6416T-1GHz.
4- Bootcode Design : Boodloader provided in Source.
5- Flash Burn : Flash Burn through Code Builder Menu.

1- Processor Module 
2- Code Builder CD (includes DSP STAR PM Datasheets) 
3- Module Test Board (optional)

4- Serial Cable (optional) 
5- 12V Power Adaptor (optional).


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