SKU: BA-108

DC Motor Control Trainer


ㆍDesign for controlling DC motors
ㆍStructure allows controlling motor with PLC program
ㆍDisplay rotation number of motor
ㆍDesign for easy experiment and circuits configure with configuration circuits printed on the front of panel 


A. Motro : DC 24[V], 120rpm
B. Circle rotation plate : more than Φ110
C. Photo interrupt sensor
D. Relay : DC 24V
E. FND : 4-digit
F. Zener diode : 6V, 12V, 18V
G. Motor speed control TR
H. PLC controller
 - Calculation method : Internal program repetition calculation
 - Input/Output control method : Scal synchronization batch processing 
 - Program language : Mnemonic Ladder
 - Command : 30ea of Basic command , 154ea of application command
 - Processing speed : 3.2 ~ 7.6us/step
 - Program memory capacity : 800step
I. Otput lamp : DC 24[V] 5ea
J. Toggle switch : 2ea
K. Selet switch : 1ea
L. Input push button switch : 4ea
M. Pulse generator
N. Photo Couple
O. Power source : AC 220[V]


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