SKU: BA-106

Industrial Inverter Control Trainer


ㆍMachine consists of three phase inverter, three phase induction motors, measurement system, console lack frame and etc. 
ㆍEach component is designed by lack type panel to assemble and detach.
ㆍAttached solid console lack frame structure and traveling wheel.
ㆍMeasuring voltage, current, power, power-factor, rotational speed and display by digital.
ㆍRear open structure to maximize educational effects by showing internal connecting structure and internal cooling system
ㆍDesign to obtain simultaneous training for PLC D/A unit and I/O contact unit
ㆍPrinting diagram on the panel to understand each control function and connect component control terminal
ㆍCE, UL, CUL standard inverters
ㆍNetwork system inverter contains RS485 communication function
ㆍTraining perform with commercial electrical power for safety issues all connecting terminal consists of safety insulate types
ㆍUsing safety insulation type cable



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