SKU: BA-104

PC Based DAQ Training Device


ㆍPractices at Remote mode and Local mode by manual operation in the PC and panel.
ㆍGraphical System map of ADC and DAC process in the panel.
ㆍA/D Converter for collecting and analyzing analog data in the PC.
ㆍGenerated 5 waves by D/A converter.
ㆍControl D/A Input and monitor I/O values in the PC.

CPE-MP115 displays variation of analog signal at Remote mode and Local mode by manual PC operation.
CPE-MP115 is able to display digital Signal with graph type in the PC after receiving analog signal in real time by RS232. With system map, users are able to study digitalization by measuring successive variation value.
CPE-MP115, users can study how to change the brightness of small bulb by using light response Speed and its load variation against light.


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