SKU: BA-101

Power Transmission / Distribution & Electric Installation Measurement Traine


Structure that provides power to consumer through single phase and three phase emote monitoring general bitter Transmission & distribution grid practice from generator to consumer through high transmission, substation, and distribution electric equipment failure simulation and measurement experiment.
ㆍElectrical installation system training : 1-phase, 3-phase, 3-phase 4 wire (R/S/T/N)
ㆍMeasurement training : AC voltage, earth resistance, earth voltage, phase insulation resistance, phase test, live line test, resistance by leakage current, capacitance by leakage current, DC volt.
ㆍFault simulation : ELB training, circuit-breaker training, leakage current variable test, earth resistance variable test, loop test, RCD protection switch test, battery voltage test, and etc.


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