SKU: AG-388

Computer Controlled Aeration Unit,

This unit permits the study of the oxygen transfer characteristics of diffused air systems, and to study the physical and chemical parameters which influence their oxygenation capacity. The “AG-388” unit demonstrates the water aeration process which, mainly, eliminates smell and taste from water.The main component of the unit is the central tank where the liquid subjected to study will be poured in, normally water. An air pump, located underneath the tank, is responsible of injecting air within the tank. The air-injection pipe goes through a device that measures and control the injected air, allowing control of the volume of air allowed to flow to the deposit. After the air flow controller, the air is taken through a flexible pipe to the upper inlet of the tank. There, three different air outlets might be connected, each one disperses air at the bottom of the tank in a different way.On the other hand, there exists a stirrer shaft (with variable speed, computer controlled) in the middle of the unit/tank. The main part of the stirrer is a motor that makes it turn inside the tank.There is a oxygen-sensor to measure the oxygen dissolved in the water and a temperature sensor.With the unit it is supplied a Control Interface Box, a Data Acquisition Board and a Computer Control + Data Acquisition + Data Management Software to  control all process and parameters.

1.- Aeration necessity determination.
2.- To measure the absorption coefficient K and the oxygenation capacity R. S
3.- Influence of the injected oxygen volume.
4.- Study of the effect on K and R of: S Water temperature. Degree of fluid mixing. Gas flow rate. Diffuser arrangement. Depth of water. Water composition.
5.- Influence of the stirrer turn speed.
6.- Aeration with air injection and agitation.
7.- Influence of the temperature in the process.
8.- Influence of liquid level in the tank.
9.- Effects of oxygen transfer under non-steady state conditions.Other possible practices:
10.- Sensors calibration.
Practices to be done by PLC Module (PLC-PI)+PLC Control Software:
11.- Control of the AG-388 unit process through the control interface box without the computer.
12- Visualization of all the sensors values used in the AG-388 unit process.
13.- Calibration of all sensors included in theAG-388 unit process.
14.- Hand on of all the actuators involved in the AG-388 unit process.


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