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Deep Bed Filter Unit

The Deep Bed Filter Unit allows us to filter a fluid in order to eliminate particles in suspension, to have it in more adequate conditions for its subsequent use or consumption.Students can visualize and study with this unit one of the most common treatment processes of water destined to supplying cities and in most industrial uses.In the design of this unit, all the elements have been integrated in a mobile, self-contained and compact system, that permits an itemized study of the deep-bed filter.Taking note of both the pressures and the efficiency of the filtering throughout the column, through sampling and pressure measurements, the student can rapidly and simply visualize and study the filtering process.

This unit is available as computer controlled

1.- Determination of the initial head loss of a porous bed.
2.- Evolution through time of the head loss of the porous bed.

3.- Measuring how fast total head loss increases with filtration run

4.- Measuring pressure drop profiles through the filter bed.
5.- Measuring suspension concentration profiles through the filter bed.
6.- Filtration efficiency. Clarification.
7.- Demonstration of reversed flow fluidisation and backwashing.

8.- Filtering in open and closed circuit.

9.- Washing and filtering circuits.

10.-The column may be readily adapted for absorption and ion time. exchange studies.


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