SKU: AG-384

Filterability Index Unit

The AG-384 is an unit for demonstrating the filtering process through a porous media. It enables a water quality test to be made on a suspension to be filtered through sand or similar granular media.This unit utilises a bed of granular material, normally sand, which can be chosen by the student to suit his own purposes.The measurements taken with this unit enable a filterability index to be calculated which has significance in deep bed filter performance.The AG-384 unit is a bench-top unit composed of a feeding tank, where the initial solution of water with solids in suspension is placed. During the normal operation, the tank is communicated with the sand filter upper part, through a pipe of 10 mm diameter. The filter lower part is communicated with the flowmeter. A regulation valve located at the flowmeter allows to change the flow which passes through the filter. The fluid pressure is obtained by means of the gravity, because the feeding tank is placed in high. The pressure is measured by a manometer.The filter cartridge is easily removable, so it allows to study the difference between different media, both in compositions and in mesh. This unit, in addition to students teaching and training, also can be used in routine control at water purification works, or at water treatment works which employ tertiary filtration.

1.- Study of the filtration operation principles..
2.- Filtration procedure.

3.- Flowmeter calibration.
4.- Calculation of Filterability Index from measurements taken.
5.- Flow through permeable layers

6.- Deep bed filtration of suspensions with different particle layers

7.- Practice of sand filter cleaning.


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