SKU: AG-381

Soil Moisture Suction Sand Unit

Unit designed to study and understand the water retentivity principles, in terms of soil suction, as well as for the derivation of characteristic curves of the ground´s humidity.Basically it is composed by:- Suction system, composed by a water circuit (including a water tank), that is impelled by a pump that makes the water flow through a water jet pump, that sucks the water of the soil container. It has a pressure meter.- Soil container, it is composed by a cylindrical tank that contains the wet sand. Inside of the sand you must introduce the soil samples and the water volume meters. It also has a pressure meter and an air inlet (to pressure the environment).

This unit is available as computer controlled 

1.- To understand the relationship between water retentivity and soil.

2.- To understand the basic principles of water retentivity in terms of soil

3.- Derive soil moisture characteristic curves for several soils

4.- Effect of the atmospheric pressure.suction.


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