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Computer Controlled Continuous Cycle Oil Production Plant, with SCADA

AG-380. Unit: Unit in stainless steel.  Diagram in the front panel with similar distribution to the elements in the real unit. Hopper (200 Kg capacity).  Grinding unit (6000 rpm).  Mixing unit (50 Kg capacity). Decanter with two phases, one for oil separation and other for water + paste separation. The decanter has double speed: 6000 and 5700 rpm. The decanter has 6 screws to control the quantity of the extracted oil. Two speed controllers, one for controlling the decanter speed and other for controlling the decanter feed speed. Sensors: Flow sensor.
2 Load Cells. Force sensors.Temperature Sensor. Level switch.Five motors, two of them with speed control. Fixed protections in all parts with movement for avoiding any contact with the hands. Grille of protection on the hopper with borings. Electric blockage. Electric protection for electric current overload.Control board blockage with IP 54 protection class.Components in contact with the food product in stainless steel.Isolated structure. Regular revolving wheels. Vibrations balancing system. External unit, with anodized aluminium structure, for product ollecting, with weighing system (2 Load Cells (50 Kg each one)). This unit has 2 stainless steel aluminium tanks (capacity 50 l. each one). Extraction speed: 50 kg/ hour. Power: 3 KW. Oil obtained has a temperature between 22-26ºC and an acidity approx.: 0.4º.The unit incorporates wheels for mobility.

This unit consists of:

-AG-380/CIB. Control Interface Box :

-DAB. Data Acquisition Board

-AG-380/CCSOF. Computer Control+Data Acquisition+Data Management Software:

-Cables and Accessories


1.- Obtaining of Oil (olive, avocado, colza, sunflower).
2.- Obtained oil acidity measurement.
3.- Determination of the performance depending on the decanter centrifugation speed.
4.- Determination of performance depending on the type of food product used for oil production.
5.- Study of the influence of the collection time in the performance.
6.- Comparative study of the oil performance depending if the food product for its production has been just recollected or if previously it has been put in the sun to dry.
7.- Practice of cleaning the unit.
8.- Control System. Temperature Sensor Calibration.
9.- Control System. Flow Sensor Calibration.
10.-Flow Sensor Hysteresis Study.
11.-Load Cell SF-1 and SF-2 Calibration.
12.-Decanter Supply System Calibration.Practices to be done by PLC Module (PLC-PI)+PLC Control Software:
13.-Control of the AG-380 unit process through the control interface box without  the computer.
14.-Visualization of all the sensors values used in the AG-380 unit process.
15.-Calibration of all sensors included in theAG-380 unit process.
16.-Hand on of all the actuators involved in theAG-380 unit process.

17.-Realization of different experiments, in automatic way, without having in front the unit. (This experiment can be decided previously).
18.-Simulation of outside actions, in the cases do not exist hardware elements.  (Example: test of complementary tanks, complementary industrial  environment to the process to be studied, etc).


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