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Computer Controlled contact plate freezer

In the food industry, the quick deep freezing processes are applied to a wide range of products, among them, baked goods, meats, fishes, seafood, vegetables and prepared food.The AG-377  unit has as aim to introduce the students to quick freezing processes, to their advantages compared with conventional freezing  processes, as well as to proceed to the study of the thermodynamic process, through which such freezing is obtained. Basically, this unit is made up of a refrigeration circuit. The unit has been designed to observe the thermodynamic changes occuring during the  process, for a given coolant, allowing the study of the refrigeration cycle. This Computer Controlled Unit is supplied with the  Computer Control System (SCADA), including: Control interface Box + Data  Acquisition Board + Computer Control and Data Acquisition Software, for controlling the process and the parameters involved.

1.- Study of industrial freezing process.
2.- Study of food preservation.
3.- Study the effect of freezing on food.
4.- Investigate the effect on the freezing process of parameters such as the  shape of the product, portion size, the packaging, etc.
5.- To evaluate the difference between fast freezing and domestic freezing.
6.- Freezing rates.
7.- Study of fast freezing vs slow freezing.
8.- Temperature sensing.
9.- Taste and texture assessments.
10.- Study of the deep-freezing process effect: structural.
11.- Study of the deep-freezing process effect: compositional.
12.- Study of the deep-freezing process effect: sensorial.
13.- Study of the thermal process.
14.- Study the effect of the temperature on bacteria.
15.- Quality control.
16.- Quality assurance.
17.- Freezing curves analysis.
18.- Links with Physics (refrigeration) and with Biology(food structure).
Other possible practices:
19.- Sensors calibration.Practices to be done by PLC Module (PLC-PI)+PLC Control Software:
20.- Control of the AG-377unit process through the control interface box  without the computer.
21.- Visualization of all the sensors values used in the AG-377 unit process.22.- Calibration of all sensors included in the AG-377 unit process.
23.- Hand on of all the actuators involved in theAG-377 unit process.24.- Realization of different experiments, in automatic way, without having in front the unit. (This experiment can be decided previously).
25.- Simulation of outside actions, in the cases do not exist hardware elements.  (Example: test of complementary tanks, complementary industrial  environment to the process to be studied, etc).


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