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Spray Drier

The Spray Drier (AG-375) allows to study processes that involve aqueous emulsions, solutions, suspensions and colloidal solutions.A peristaltic pump delivers the liquid sample from a container through a small diameter jet into the drying chamber. At the same time compressed air enters the outer tube of the jet which causes the liquid to emerge as a fine atomized spray into the drying chamber. Heated air is blown through the drying chamber evaporating the liquid content of the atomized spray. The solid particles of the material are separated from the exhaust air flow by a cyclone and collected in the sample collection bottle. The exhaust airflow is directed to the atmosphere or to an extraction system existing in the labora This unit is available as computer controlled

1.- Operation principle of a spray drier.
2.- Effect of the drop size on the drying process.
3.- Effect of the air input temperature on the drying process.
4.- Effect of the feed flow of the product on the drying process.
5.- Mass balance of a spray drie
6.- Spray drier efficiency.Additional practical possibilities:
7.- Energy balance of a spray dri


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