Cyclone V SoC Development Kit and SoC Embedded Design Suite


The Altera® Cyclone® V SoC Development Kit offers a quick and simple approach to develop custom ARM® processor-based SOC designs accompanied by Altera’s low-power, low-cost Cyclone V FPGA fabric.

Featured devices

  • Cyclone V SX SoC—5CSXFC6D6F31C8NES (SoC)
  • MAX® V CPLD—5M2210ZF256C4N (system controller)
  • MAX II CPLD—EPM570GF100 (embedded USB-BlasterTM II cable)

FPGA configuration sources

  • Embedded USB-Blaster II (JTAG) cable
  • EPCQ flash (PFL)
  • Hard processor system (HPS)

FPGA memory

  • 1 GB DDR3 SDRAM (32 bit)

FPGA I/O interfaces

  • 2X 10/100 Ethernet PHYs (EtherCAT)
  • PCIe Gen 1 x4 female connector
  • Universal high-speed mezzanine card (HSMC)—x4 transceivers, x16 TX LVDS, x16 RX LVDS
  • One serial digital interface (SDI) channel
  • Four SMAs for one transceiver channel
  • x4 push buttons
  • x2 switches
  • x4 LEDs

HPS boot sources

  • 128 MB QSPI Flash
  • Removable micro-SDCard flash
  • FPGA

HPS memory

  • 1 GB DDR3 SDRAM (32 bit) with error correction code (ECC)
  • 128 MB QSPI flash
  • Micro-SDCard socket with 4 GB micro-SDCard flash device

HPS I/O interfaces

  • x1 USB 2.0 On-the-Go (OTG)
  • x1 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE/100GbE/1000GbE)
  • x1 CAN
  • x1 UART (UART to USB bridge)
  • x1 real-time clock (with battery backup)
  • x1 two-line text LCD
  • 1-/2-channel, 20 bit delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter (Linear Technology LTC2422)
  • x4 push buttons
  • x4 switches
  • x4 LEDs


  • Four-output programmable clock generator for FPGA reference clock inputs
  • 125 MHz LVDS oscillator for FPGA reference clock input
  • 148.5 MHz LVDS programmable voltage-controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO) for FPGA reference clock input
  • 50 MHz single-ended oscillator for FPGA and MAX V FPGA clock input
  • 100 MHz single-ended oscillator for MAX V FPGA configuration clock input
  • SMA input for HPS clock


  • Laptop DC input 14—20 V adapter

  • HSMC breakout board
  • HSMC loopback board
  • MechanicalCyclone V SX FPGA Development Kit software content
    • Board dimensions—8.19” x 5.22”
  • Design examplesComplete documentation
    • Board test system (BTS)*
    • Golden System Reference Design with Board Update Portal web server
  • SoC Embedded Design Suite Subscription EditionFree software supported by Quartus® II software v13.0, Web Edition
    • ARM Development Studio 5 (DS-5™) Altera Edition Toolkit
    • Hardware-to-software handoff tools
    • Linux run-time software for application development
    • SoC hardware libraries for firmware development
    • Application examples



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Cyclone V SoC Development Kit and SoC Embedded Design Suite




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