SKU: AC-538

Express PSoC Evaluation Kit

The AC-538 development kit allows one to put real-world applications together very quickly. This new kit demonstrates many aspects of PSoC with special emphasis on PSoC Express. The kit is physically divided into 4 parts, each part associated with the CY8C21434, CY8C27643, CY8C24894 and CY8C29666 devices respectively. PSoCs can be I2C networked. The AC-538 contains an enhanced version of the PSoC Express World Tour board (CY3121-Customer.)

IC CY8C21434
Programming MiniProg programming unit (included)

- Express Evaluation Board
- 5V LCD Module
- MiniProg Programming Unit
- USB Cable
- 2 Artaflex 2.4GHz Radios
- 9V Battery

The kit includes software, hardware and example projects to help designers learn how to
  implement and evaluate the following functions:
- CapSense
- Wireless Communication
- "Drag and drop" USB
- LCD Control
- Accelerometer/Tilt/Drop Sensing
- Voltage Monitoring


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