SKU: AC-536

PowerPSoCLighting Evaluation Kit

PowerPSoC is the first device to combine the power of an embedded controller with integrated high-power peripheral functionality.
This includes four internal 32V, 1A rated low-side n-channel MOSFETs, four 32V,6 MHz rated current sense amplifiers with adjustable gain settings, four 2 MHz hysteretic controllers that can be configured as either buck, boost, or buck-boost,and a 32V input voltage regulator. Due to the flexibility of working with the already integrated power of PSoC®, PowerPS oC offers additional functionality including Cypress’s CapSenseTM, and additional digital (PWMs, timers, counters), analog (ADCs, PGAs), and communication (DMX512, DALI, SP I, RS -232) options.The ability to reconfigure power with this level of integration can simplify hardware design, lower testing time, and decrease bill-of-materials costs.Solid state (LED) lighting applications are a perfect fit for the PowerPSoC family.The onboard power peripherals integrate much of a standard dimming circuit for an LED system. Cypress’s PrISM modulation technique can reduce radiated EMI from the system, reducing visible flicker, and can utilize up to 16 bits of dimming from 100% to 0%.

- AC-536 main board
- AC-536 LED daughter board
- 12V/2A wall-wart power supply
- Optical diffuser for LEDs
- Retractable USB cable
- MiniProg
- Quick Start guide
- Kit CD-ROMs.


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