SKU: AC-540

RF First Touch Kit

This intuitive starter kit allows you to evaluate the PSoC programmable system-on-chip and CyFi Low-Power RF in CapSense touch-sensing, temperature sensing, and light-sensing

IC: Various Cypress PSoCs

  - Matches the power of Cypress Programmable System-on-Chip (PSoC) with CyFi Low-Power RF
  - 2.4 GHz CyFi technology provides reliable, simple, and power-efficient wireless connectivity
     to your embedded designs
  - Multi-function board and RF Expansion board incorporate I/O (CapSense slider, push buttons),
    sensors (thermistor, light, proximity) and actuators (LEDs, buzzer)
  - Comes with a programming interface and all necessary software

- One PC dongle with RF
- One RF expansion card with power amplification for long-range applications
- One multifunction expansion card
- Two battery packs (2xAAA and CR2032)
- PSoC Designer and Example Projects CD-ROM
- Quick Start Guide
- 2xAAA batteries, jumper wire, USB extender


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