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Basic FPGA Trainer

FPGAs are the electronic designers friend, as they are programmable hardware, as opposed to microcontrollers which are programmable softwar. In other words, they can be placed in a circuit and programmed & re-programmed to do different functions, either signal routing, logic or features such as counters. This is the new generation of FPGAs from Altera, called the Cyclone range. As well as being low cost, the Cyclone FPGAs incorporate lots of features to make the designer's life simpler, including embedded memory, external memory interfaces and clock management circuitry. This is a sophisticated package that includes Schematic Entry, VHDL editor and compiler plus fitters and programmer interface.        

1) Training on PLD inside structure & I/O Pin control can be conducted using EP1C6Q240C which is made by ALTERA Inc and FPGA CYCLONE series.       
2) Electronic devices such as LED, 7-Segment, LCD and DC, STEP, SERVO Motor control practice can be conducted.       
3) PLD Control using Cyclone board (EP1C6Q240C) and VHDL & Schematic.        
4) User can use any desired Clock by distributing the 20MHz basic Clock to Dip_switch.        
5) Program download practice can be conducted using QuartusⅡ and using the built-in ByteblasterMV function.       
6) Without Oscilloscope, user can identify Signal Waveform using SignalTap Ⅱ Analyzer function of Quartus Ⅱ.       

1. Configuration      
2. Brief explanation on Training Kit      
3. Product specification      
4. Explanation on each parts of Training Kit     
5. Developing environment       
6. How to use the developing tool, Quartus II.     
7. System Clock of FPGA Training kit     
8. Experiment 1, led01 (how to use Block Diagram/Schematic Quartus II)      
9. Practice for LED     
10. Experiment 2, LED01vhdl (how to use VHDL Quartus II)      
11. Experiment 3, clk     
12. Practice for 7-Segment     
13. Experiment 4, segment      
14. Experiment 5, segment01     
15. Experiment 6, Sensor      
16. Experiment 7, key_matrix      
17. Practice for Step motor      
18. Experiment 8, step      
19. Practice for DC Motor       
20. Experiment 9, DC_motor      
21. Practice for RC Servo motor     
22. Experiment 10, servo_motor      
23. Experiment 11, dot_matrix      
24. Practice for Text LCD       
25. Experiment 12, text_lcd     
26. Experiment 13, sound      

FPGA main hardware system     1 ea
 Parallel cable      1 ea
DC power adaptor (12V 1.5A) 1 ea
Program CD     1 ea
Manual book     1 book



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