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CPLD Trainer

CPLD Trainer which uses CPLD of EPM7128SLC84 has one clock source at 20MHz and one extension clock slot.  CPLD Trainer divides the 20MHz clock into 20MHz, 10MHz, 2MHz, 200KHz, 10KHz and 2KHz with DIP_sw to selectively use them.User can insert any clock oscillator which they want in the extension clock slot. One set of LEDs (8) to represent 8 bits, one set of DIP switches and 4ea of 7-segments are used to display the state and CPLD output.       
One text LCD of 16 columns × 2 lines can be used as a display device. A circuit is provided to drive the STEP motor for practicing motor control, to generate STEP pulse to operate the STEP motor in CPLD.Also, it is designed to enable feedback control by constituting a circuit for driving the DC motor and a block for receiving and processing input from the encoder of the DC motor in CPLD.User can download programs in Jtag by connecting ByteblaterMV in the Kit to the parallel port of user PC.      

(1) understand to Altera MAX 7000s EPM7128LC84 device       
(2) understand to 20MHz Main Clock Oscillator      
(3) the user intended Clock Oscillator Plug-in practice to 1ea of expansion Clock slot       
(4) practice of 16X2 character LCD       
(5) practice of 4-digit FND       
(6) practice of 8 LEDs       
(7) practice of 8 pole-DIP Switch       
(8) practice of STEP Motor      
(9) practice of DC Motor       
(10) practice of SERVO Motor      
(11) practice of 3 set IR Sensor       
(12) practice of 1 dedicated reset key       

Chapter 1, PLD introduction     
Chapter 2, VHDL          
Chapter 3, Setting up the development environment      
Chapter 4, LED and Dip Switch     
Chapter 5, Clock          
Chapter 6, 7- Segment          
Chapter 7, TXT_LCD          
Chapter 8, STEP_MOTOR          
Chapter 9, DC_MOTOR          
Chapter 10, SERVO_Motor          
Chapter 11, IR Sensor     

MAX7000S EPM7128SLC84 Board  1 EA
Parallel cable      1 EA
DC Power adaptor(12V 1.5A)   1 EA
Software Program CD 1 EA
Manual book     1 EA



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