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An ASIC or Application Specific Integrated Circuit is a semiconductor chip which is produced for a specific application for a specific customer.

Exchangeable top board. ( Xilinx, Lattice, Altera, Atmel, etc ).

1-Select FPGA or CPLD.

-2ASIC is designed using a suit of computer aided software programs(CAD), Verilog-HDL, and VHDL.

-3Download method by PC's parallel port.

-4EEPROM writer for FPGA. (Auto selected by PC's parallel port).

-5Various I/O experiments.

-6Select output devices Experiment with a switch.

-7User can design the circuit Experiment on the Bread board.

-8Simply extend a circuit Experiment with 2 extended connecters.

-9Experiment items:

- gate                                     - Flip flop
- Logic                                    - Hexadecimal counter
- Full adder/subtracter             - Register
- Code converter                     - Johnson counter
- 3-state buffer                       - Shift register
- 4-bit comparator                   - Stepping motor control
- 4-bit adder and subtracter     - DC motor speed control
- 38 decoder                          - Encoder
- Stop Watch                          - LCD display
- Multiplexer                           - Digital clock
- Data selector                        - Electronic dice
- D/A and A/D converter          - Data communication IC
- Dot matrix display                 - Arithmetic and logic operation

1-Support the continuous pulse for the digital circuit - Pulse selector : single, 1Hz~50Hz.

2-+5V, +12V, -12V SMPS(Free Voltage) Power.

3-Metal case.


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