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FPGA / SoC Trainer

This SoC training system use FPGA and ARM926 for SoC design. In addition to the experience of digital design from FPGA using VHDL/Verilog, this SoC trainer provides the implementation method as well as the practice metrials how to apply to SoC using ARM.      
1) Understanding the ARM926 Processor usage and H/W & S/W Co-Design education     
2)  Implementation education using FPGA and ARM926 core for SoC design     
3)  Hardware Verification : ARM Debugger and ICE equipment     
4) Software Verification : ARM Debugger/Firmware/Compiler     
5) FPGA and ARM design theme, embedded systems (Linux)     
6) Very Easy SoC education using EasyIP v1.0     

1) A design theme consists of FPGA and ARM926 core based example.     
2) Verilog HDL/VHDL implement for FPGA operation, and then able to control of ARM using the same design     
3) SoC development environment is designed to provide an easy to use and allows users to quickly implement FPGA logics.     
     (1) Altera Quartus II software design environment      
     (2) 1M gates Altera Cyclone II FPGA and rapid processing speed (XilinX Gate count = 2M Gates)   
     (3) Verilog HDL/ VHDL Easy IP v1.0 make graphic library and then easy to make user design.     
     (4) Able to understand the IP reuse and AMBA bus interconnect.      
     (5) ARM926EJ Core.      
     (6) ARM926(Max speed 226MHz) SoC Processor, AHB2.0 Bus, Available the RTOS porting.     
     (7) Provides an wrapper and register for development.       
     (8) Hardware verification with ARM Debugger     
     (9) Able to implement new firmware or application code with ARM IDE environments     
4) We provide EasyIP v1.0 for AMBA bus design and support many peripheral for a number of design theme.     

Chapter 1  – Introduce to SoC and design methodology    
Chapter 2  – Understanding the SoC architecture using ARM processor    
Chapter 3  – AMBA 2.0 Specification (Advanced MicroController Bus Aritecture)    
Chapter 4  – Introduce to development tools : ALTERA and ARM tools    
Chapter 5  – EasySoC Specification    
Chapter 6  – Implement of LED,7-Segment Controller using FPGA     
Chapter 7  - Implement of LED,7-Segment Controller using ARM [926EJ-S(APB)]    
Chapter 8  - Implement of Text-LCD Controller using FPGA     
Chapter 9  - Implement of Text-LCD Controller using ARM (926EJ-S)     
Chapter 10 - Implement of Dot Matrix Controller using FPGA     
Chapter 11 - Implement of Dot Matrix Controller using ARM926EJ-S    
Chapter 12 - Implement of UART Controller using FPGA     
Chapter 13 - Implement of UART Controller using ARM926EJ-S     
Chapter 14 - Implement of PS/2 Controller using FPGA     
Chapter 15 - Implement of PS/2 Controller using ARM926EJ-S     
Chapter 16 - Implement of DPRAM Controller using ARM926EJ-S    
Chapter 17 - Implement of LED,7-Segment Controller using ARM926EJ-S(AHB)    
Chapter 18 - Implement of Asynchronous SRAM Controller using ARM (926EJ-S)    
Chapter 19 - Implement of TFT-LCD, DMA Controller using ARM (926EJ-S)    
Chapter 20 - Implement of TFT-LCD, CIS Controller using ARM (926EJ-S)    
Chapter 21 - Implement of VGA Controller using ARM (926EJ-S)    
Chapter 22 - Implement of Step-motor Controller using ARM (926EJ-S)    

Main Hardware Platform (including carrying bag)        1 ea
Serial 9P extension cable      1 ea
Parallel 25P extension cable      1 ea
Ethernet Cross cable      1 ea
 Adaptor (5V/4A)  1 ea
Download Dongle (Byte Blaster II – Parallel type)  1 ea
Program CD      1 ea
 Others - Camera module  (CIS-200M)  1 ea
Manual book      1 book



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