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The gearbox has been designed to represent a typical arrangement of a simple three forward ratio and reverse sliding mesh box.
Basically the gearbox unit consists on gear wheels of different sizes. These can be engaged as required.
The gears are clearly visible to aid the students understanding of the principles involved.
All gears run on shafts fitted into bearings and the changing mechanism ensures smooth transition.
Pulleys fitted with protractors are attached to the input and output shafts so that students can determine and verify velocity and torque ratios.
This unit may be wall mounted.
In order to carry out some of the practices with MCC unit, 2 set of weights “B type” are required.
Manuals:  This unit is supplied with the following manuals: Required services, Assembly and Installation, Starting-up, Security, Maintenance and Practices manual.
Dimensions: 530 x 350 x 530 mm. approx. (20.86 x 13.78 x 20.86 inches approx.).

Weight: 17 Kg. approx. (37.47 pounds approx.).


Some Practical Possibilities of the Unit:
1- Measure of the angular displacement at the input and output of the gear box and comparison with the calculated values.
2- Calculation of the efficiency for different ratios according to the torque at entry.
3- Determination of velocity and torque ratios.
4- Measurement of input and output angular displacements and comparing with the theoretical ratios.
5- Efficiency studies.


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