Special Mechanisms Experiments

This module considers various mechanisms frequently used in industrial processes; without them some operations would not be possible with the same efficiency. Here these mechanisms are shown and their function analyzed.

1) All experiment elements are made in special and anodized aluminium.
2) The cam and roller mechanisms (included two cams).
3) Geneva mechanism.
4) The ratchet mechanisms.
5) Scotch yoke.
6) Crank mechanism.
7) Quick return mechanism.
8) Adjustable hooks.
9) Set of weights:
  10 weights of 0.01 N.
  4 weights of 0.05 N.
  10 weights of 0.1 N.
  2 weights of 0.5 N.
  4 weights of 1 N.
  2 weights of 2 N.
  1 weight of 5 N.
10) Weight hooks.
11) Adjustable pulley.
12) Screws.
13) Knurled nuts.
14) Dynamometer.
15) Laboratory sheet for each corresponding experiment. This will give a list of elements needed and will indicate the correct position on the base panel. Also this sheet gives valuable guidance on the way of conducting the experiment and recording the results.
16) High quality case for elements storage.
17) Dimensions: 500 x 360 x 120 mm. approx. Weight: 7 Kg. approx.

This module is designed to be able to do the following practices:
1- Cam and roller. To study the difference aspects of cam design.
2- Geneva motion. Verification of how the circular motion of the drive unit is transformed into the intermittent motion of the Geneva motion, and of how this mechanism accelerates and decelerates during the transmission process.
3- Ratchet mechanisms. Examination of the parts of the Ratchet assembly supplied in which a swinging lever is fitted with two pawls.
4- Scotch yoke. Analysis and verification of the motion of a driving crank and its relation to the reciprocal element of motion.
5- Crank mechanism. Analysis of the features of a crank mechanism, drawing a rotation torque diagram and deducing the relation between the  crank rotation and the slide platform movement.
6- Quick return mechanism. To show a quick return mechanism at work and to record the relationship between the rotation of the crank and the movement of the slide.


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