Transmissions Experiments

Most recent machines require the transmission of motion between elements to obtain the desired mechanical result. The mechanisms studied in this module are those that transmit motion between two axles

1) All experiment elements are made in special anodized aluminium.
2) System of belt drive (includes: flat belt, round belt and leather strip).
3) Chain drive.
4) Simple gear train.
5) Bevel gears.
6) Worm gear.
7) Universal coupling.
8) Support screw.
9) Adjustable screws.
10) Set of weights:
  10 weights of 0.01 N.
  4 weights of 0.05 N.
  10 weights of 0.1 N.
  2 weights of 0.5 N.
  4 weights of 1 N.
  2 weights of 2 N.
  1 weight of 5 N.
11) Weight hooks.
12) Light weight hooks.
13) Pulley.
14) Screws.
15) Knurled nuts.
16) Dynamometers.
17) Spare rope.
18) Laboratory sheet for each corresponding experiment. This will give a list of elements needed and will indicate the correct position on the base panel. Also this sheet gives valuable guidance on the way of conducting the experiment and recording the results.
19) High quality case for elements storage.
20) Dimensions: 500 x 360 x 120 mm. approx. Weight: 7 Kg. approx.


This module is designed to be able to do the following practices:
1- Belt drive (Belt drive (I) and Belt drive (II): Verification of the direction of rotation of open and crossed belt drives. Verification of the speed of rotation of the two pulleys is inversely proportional to their diameters. To measure the difference intension between the two sides of a belt drive and to determine the efficiency of drive transmission.
2- Chain drive. Verification of the speed ratio of a chain drive. Measurement of the efficiency of drive transmission.
3- The Geared winch (two parallel axles). Comparison of the velocity ratios of a system of single-stage and double-stage geared winch. Specification of their corresponding mechanical advantages and efficiencies under varying loads.
4- Bevel gears (two intersecting axles). Verification of the efficiency velocity-ratio and mechanical advantages of the Bevel gear unit under different loads.
5- Worm gear (two crossed axles). Verification of the speed ratio of a worm and specification of the transmission efficiency under different loads.
6- Universal coupling. To investigate the effect of introducing universal coupling to a simple drive shaft.


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