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Acoustic Impedance Tube/Acoustic Insulation Test Unit.

This unit has been designed to provide students with an easy and simple method for understanding and investigating the relative acoustic properties of several materials.

Anodized aluminium structure.

Main metallic elements in stainless steel.

Diagram in the front panel with similar distribution that the elements in the real unit.

An acoustics standing wave unit driven by two loudspeakers and a separate console mounted power amplifier.

A small microphone  travelling  in the transparent plastic tube allows the acoustic signal to be fed to the console mounted microphone amplifier.

The transparent plastic tube combine with a scale and marker allow the microphone axial position to be measured.

Wide range of tested samples allow a wide range of tests on differing materials.

The units is very useful for the teaching of students in different areas as: Sound and Vibration, Mechanical, Aeronautical, Building,  Health and Safety, etc.

It can be controlled by computer by using control interface box and data acquisition borad to be placed in the computer solt.

Some Practical Possibilities of the Unit:

  1- Study and investigation of the relative acoustic properties of different materials.

  2- Determination of the sound absorption coefficient for many of the normal building lining materials such as carpet, cork, fibre board and many of the better acoustic attenuating materials. 

  3- To determine the speed of sound in air at ambient temperature and comparison of this with the calculated value.

  4- Determine the sound absorption coefficient of the these and some poor absorbers at a range of frequencies between approximately 500 and 4000 Hz.

Other possible practices.

  5- Sensors calibration.

Practices to be done by PLC Module (PLC-PI)+PLC Control Software:

  6- Control of the TIAC unit process through the control interface box without the computer.

  7- Visualization of all the sensors values used in the TIAC unit process.

  8- Calibration of all sensors included in the TIAC unit process.

  9- Hand on of all the actuators involved in the TIAC unit process.

  10-Realization of different experiments, in automatic way, without having in front the unit.  (This experiment can be decided previously).


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