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The AG-032 is a didactic bench-top universal material testing unit. It is distinguished by its rigid construction, accurate control and a precise hydraulic system to apply loads of up to 20 kN., which enables demonstrations of phenomena undetectable under smaller loads.

With this unit the student can perform these material tests:

   Shear test.

   Brinell hardness test.

   Compression test.

   Tensile test.

   Deep draw (cupping) test.

   Bending test.

   Disc and helical spring tests.

1.-    Learning how to use the instrumentation required to perform the main tests on materials.

2.-    Study and familiarization with universal material testing machines.

3.-    Tensile strength tests.

4.-    Compressive strength tests.

5.-    Brinell hardness tests.

6.-    Bending tests.

7.-    Shear tests.

8.-    Deep draw (cupping) tests.

9.-    Tests with disc springs.

10.-  Tests with helical springs either in series or in parallel.

11.-  Recording stress-strain diagrams.

12.-  Using the computer data acquisition system.


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