SKU: AG-038

Twist and Bend Machine

Bench-top unit with structure made in anodized aluminum profiles, with in painted steel panel.

It is mounted on 4 regulable in height gum legs.

The unit includes:

1- Universal Torsion and Flexion machine, which allows to carry out both types of experiment.

It consists of two stainless steel guides of 800 mm, which allow to displace the supports in the whole range. This allows the student to carry out the experiment of beams of different length.

2- (4) Test pieces with circular section, of 8 mm diameter, of different materials (steel, aluminum, brass, bronze). They have marks every 50 mm to facilitate the measurement of the beam length.

3- (7) Test pieces with different rectangular cross section made in stainless steel. It also has marks every 50 mm to facilitate the measurement of the beam length being studied.

4- Dial gauge of 0-10 mm to measure the deformations.

5- Allen key to assemble the beams in the supports.

6- Set of weights adapted to the MTP unit with special hooks for each type of experiment:

2 weights of 1 Kg.

4 weights of 500 g.

7- Manuals:  This unit is supplied with the following manuals: Required Services, Assembly and Installation, starting-up, Safety, Maintenance & Practices Manuals.

1.- Study of the beams flexion for different sections and lengths.

2.- Determination of the Elasticity Modulus for stainless steel.

3.- Study of the relation between the torsional moment, beam length and torsion angle of one shaft.

4.- Determination of  the Rigidity Modulus for steel, bronze and aluminum.


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