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Advance PLC Training System

The AL-010 Advance Programming Logic Controller Training System enables learners to develop competence in operating, programming and troubleshooting a true industrial PLC. The AL-010 begins with basic wiring concepts and quickly moves through circuits,

ladder logic and programming. The learning system includes programming software, interface cable, CPU unit, input and output unit, and 10 sophisticated simulator modules. Each simulator module includes programming and wiring experiments, which simulate proficiency in PLC operation and industrial applications. The simulators design permits easy access to the input/output terminals and allows rapid set-up and testing of programs. AL-010 offers training systems for SIMATIC S7-300 PLCs.But, the system can support PLCs from many manufacturers, so users can choose the type of PLC freely.

1x SIMATIC S7-300, CPU 314C

1x SIMATIC S7-300 Stabilized Power Supply

1x SIMATIC S7-300 programming interface module

1x SIMATIC Step 7 Professional Software

1x General Input/Output Module with 24 DI, 16 DO, 2 AI, and 4 AO

1x Lighting Control Simulator

1x Traffic lights at crossroad Simulator

1x Three-storey elevator Simulator

1x Bottle Filling Line Simulator

1x Liquid Level Control Simulator

1x Batch Process (Chemical Reactor) Simulator

1x Simplified Nuclear Power Plant Simulator

1x Basic Three-Phase Motor Control Simulator

1x Parking Management Simulator

1x Temperature Control Simulator


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