SKU: AL-004

Electro-Pneumatic Training System

AL-004 is a modular system designed for the development of professional skills related to electro-pneumatics. Skills such as:

-· Identification and use of electro-pneumatic components

-· Function of the electro-pneumatic elements

-· Analysis and design of simple electro-pneumatic circuits

-· Analysis and design of sequential circuits based on relays

The components are mounted on specific base plates in order to mounting safe and secure on anodized aluminum working panel.

Some optional components may be added to the basic elements and turnAL-004to advanced electro-pneumatic training system which will cover programmable electro-pneumatic systems with PLC.

1x 3/2-way distribution valve

1x Pressure regulator with pressure gauge

1x 1MPa pressure gauge

1x Signal input unit

1x Signal indicator unit

1x Timer and Counter unit

1x Relay unit

1x Protected 24V power supply unit

1x 3/2-way NC single solenoid valve

1x 5/2-way single solenoid valve

1x 5/2-way double solenoid valve

1x Single acting cylinder

2x Double acting cylinder

4x Inductive proximity switch with cylinder attachment

1x Photoelectric sensor

1x Inductive proximity sensor

1x Capacitive proximity sensor

2x Electrical Limited switch- Left actuated

2x Electrical Limited switch- Right actuated

1x Set of connection cables




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