SKU: AL-008

Transparent Hydraulic Training System

The AL-008 Transparent Hydraulic Training System is designed for understanding hydraulics system. The transparent hydraulic system gives a clear picture of how components work and demonstrate the functions. Transparent hydraulic training system includes fully operational models developed to show the hidden features of hydraulic components construction and operation.

1x 4/2-way valve

1x Flow control

1x 1-way flow control

1x Relief valve

2x Double-acting transparent cylinder

1x Single-acting transparent cylinder

2x Tee branch

1x Pressure switch

2x Transparent T- branch with Gauge

1x External gear motor

1x Rotary Vane Swivel motor

1x Rack & Pinion Swivel motor

1x Oil Storage

2x Industrial 4/3 way valve

1x 6-fold Distributor

1x 4-fold Distributor

1x Rectifier circuit

1x Spring Accumulator

1x Piston Accumulator

2x Pressure Gauge

2x Shut-off valve

2x Non-return valve

1x Transparent viscometer

4x 600mm Hose with quick coupling

4x 800mm Hose with quick coupling

4x 1000mm Hose with quick coupling

4x 1500mm Hose with quick coupling

1x Power pack

1x Portable Table and panel

1x Magnetic Hydraulic Symbols Set



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