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Mechatronics Demonstration board

The Mechatronics demonstration board is an easy-to-use mechatronics development and demonstration platform.
- Mechatronics refers to implementing intelligent control in a mechanical system.
- Learn how to use PIC microcontrollers to enhance or replace a mechanical design.
- The AC-530 kit takes a hands-on approach to learning about mechatronics.
- Jumper wires are provided in the kit which allow the developer to experiment with connecting the PIC microcontroller to various components on the board.
- These components include sensors, LEDs, human input devices and motor drivers.
- The board comes with nine example projects which include firmware, connection diagrams (for the wire jumpers) and schematics.

1- PIC16F917 MCU with 8 MHz internal oscillator and on-board LCD module
       (in addition to other standard PIC MCU peripherals)
   2- Displays: 8 LEDs and LCD (pre-connected to the LCD module)
   3- Stepper motor and brushed DC motors
   4- Analog temperature sensor (Microchip TC1047A)
   5- Light sensor
   6- 32.768 kHz crystal for time generation
   7- Human inputs: 4 tactile switches, 2 potentiometers
   8- Over-current protection circuit
   9- ICSP programming capability and MPLAB ICD 2 interface connector
   10 - RS-232 interface
   11 - 5V regulator
   12 - Optical speed sensor for brushed DC motor
   13 - 20-pin socket (compatible with all 8-, 14- and 20-pin Flash devices)
   14 - Nine example projects with complete source code:
       - Switch debouncing and lighting an LED
       - How to read an analog sensor (temperature and light)
       - Brushed DC motor speed control
       - Speed feedback: Back EMF and optical
       - Stepper motor control: single-stepping, half-stepping and micro-stepping
       - How to use the USART for RS-232 communication
       - How to use the Capture, Compare and PWM module
       - How to use comparators.

IC: PIC16F917


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