SKU: AC-531

Plus General Purpose DemoBoard

The AC-531 board provides the application designer with a low cost development tool to become familiar with the dsPIC30F/33F and PIC24H 16-bit architecture, high performance peripherals and powerful instruction set.  The board features an active demonstration program loaded on the installed dsPIC30F6014A device. Several program functions are selectable via a menu system displayed on the LCD.  These include: temperature and voltage measurements, frequency domain characteristics of a sine wave signal generated on-board from a digital potentiometer,FIR and IIR digital filter selections and DTMF tone generation using the Codec interface peripheral (external speaker required).

  - dsPIC30F6014A Plug-in Sample
  - Serial Communication Channels Interface (two UARTs, SPI, CAN, RS-485)
  - Si3000 Voiceband Codec with MIC In/Speaker Jacks
  - General Purpose Prototyping Area with Expansion Header
  - 122 x 32 Dot Addressable LCD
  - MPLAB ICD 2 and MPLAB ICE 4000 Emulator support
  - LEDs, Switches and Potentiometers
  - Temperature Sensor
  - Separate Digital and Analog Voltage Regulators
  - Digital Potentiometer for DAC Capability
  - Full Demonstration Source Code Provided .


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