SKU: AC-637

USB Explorer I/O

It is a USB peripheral device that allows programmatic access froma personal computer to various external Input/Output (I/O) devices.The I/O Explorer provides a number of I/O devices on the board itself,as well as RC servo connectors, and peripheral module connectors thatallow access to devices external to the I/O Explorer.

IC: AT90USB646
Connector(s) USB Port
5 x 12-pin headers
1 x 6-pin header
8 x R/C servo connectors
SPI master port
UART interface port
Programming: USB2 port providing board power, programming, and data transfers

- AT90USB646 and ATmega165P AVR microcontrollers by Atmel
- USB 2.0 Full Speed device
- Fully software compatible with the Adept Runtime system
- C/C++/C#/Visual Basic callable API set using the Adept System Software
  Developer’s Kit.
- 16 discrete LEDs, 8 slide switches, 4 push button switches, 4-position DIP switch,
  2 rotary encoders w/ integral push button, speaker/buzzer
- 2 x 10-bit A/D inputs
- 4 x 12-bit D/A outputs
- Up to 52 digital input/output pins
- Multiple power supply options, including USB-powered
- ESD protection and short circuit protection for all I/O pins.



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