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8051 Experiement

1. STUDIO-51: Applications can be developed and run entirely on the board itself.

  • Assemble and Compile
  • Display the machine language and assemble mnemonic code.
  • Display the address, and data.
  • Indicate an error line.
  • Modify the register, program, and data memory.
  • Go, Stop, and Trace function.
  • Display input and output data.
  • Write One-Chip CPU (87C52 , 87C51 , 89C52 , 89C51 , 89C2051 and 89C1051)
  • IAR, and KEIL compiler
  • Program start address : 0000H (Reset vector)
  • Support 8051 (80c51, 8031, 8751, 89C51, 8052, 89C52, 80C320, and 80C550).
  • Support 4 serial ports. (COM1, COM2, KEY1, KEY2)
  • Various I/O and interrupt experiments.
  • Extended unit.(D/A converter, A/D converter, DC motor, Step motor, Dot Matrix, Relay and Bread board)
  • Application board.
  • Graphic LCD (128 X 64 dots)
  • Display CPU status on LED.
  • Read, Write, Verify, and Erase.
  • Metal case
  • Support examples.
  • +5V, +12V, -12V SMPS (Free Voltage)



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