SKU: AC-226

Digital Control Board Using AVR

1-Actual training board for the digital industrial examination.

2-Prepare the examination.

3-Program writer (ISP method).

4-Auto run after writing.


PC Operation Program MICOM-PROGRAMMER.
I/O Devices Text LCD (16x2) x 1.
7-Segment LED x 4.
Switch x 16.
PC Interface - DB25 plug x 1 : For program writing.
- DB9 Socket x 1 : RS-232C communication .
Board Size 125(W)×215(H)mm.



- Software CD : 1Set.
- Power connecting terminal : 4ea.
- PLD 16V10 : 1.
- RS-232C Cable (9-pin) : 1ea.
- Parallel Cable(25-pin) : 1ea.


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