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PIC microcontroller trainer

PIC Microcontroller kit, PIC- 16F874 is a training system for students to easily understand and access PIC microcontroller applications in the industry.AF-167 (PIC-16F874) enables students to learn about the hardware theory and software programming methodology for each application as well as the basic theory of PIC and to understand the PIC theory and technology through examples and practices that can be implemented by students themselves.

The purpose of this trainer is to present various practices of clock, thermo/humidity meter, velocity-controlled motor, lock-key, etc. for students to understand technologies applicable to the industry and to provide a motive for development of enhanced embedded systems.It's designed to make it easy to learn software programming methodology as well as hardware theory of applications and to allow students to practice the whole training course of the embedded system.It is expected that PIC-16F874 will help students understand the embedded system and will encourage interest in practices and increase utilization of applications.

1- Applicable to on-site Embedded exercise per module

2- Module by hardware and software, Training.

3- Easy Embedded software Training.

4- Hardware exercise is possible.

5- Using a computer can be monitoring and control all function.

6- Provides CD for exercise programming.

1- UART Communication control practice

2- FND Display control practice

3- RTC control practice

4- Sensor control practice

5- Motor control practice

6- Encoder control practice

7- LCD control practice

8- Key Matrix control practice

9- EEPROM control practice

Part1. Introduction of PIC Microcontroller Trainer (PIC-16F874)      

Chapter1. Introduction of PIC Microcontroller Trainer (PIC-16F874)

Chapter2. Understanding to PIC Microcontroller.

Part2. PIC Hardware practice   

Chapter3. Clock practice

Chapter4. Communication control practice

Chapter5. Temperature and Humidity practice

Chapter6. Motor control practice

Chapter7. Lock-Key practice

Part3. Clock Software practice

Chapter8. UART Control practice

Chapter9. FND control practice

Chapter10. Interrupt control practice

Chapter11. Timer control practice

Chapter12. RTC control practice

Part4. Temperature and Humidity Software practice  

Chapter13. SMD type, temperature control practice

Chapter14. Semi-conductor type, Temperature control practice

Chapter15. Semi-conductor type, Humidity control practice

Part5. Software practice for Motor which Speed-control can be controlled

Chapter16. Motor control practice using IO

Chapter17. Motor control practice using Timer

Chapter18. Motor control practice using PWM

Chapter19. Motor feedback practice

Part6. Lock-Key Software practice

Chapter20. Character LCD control practice

Chapter21. EEPROM control practice


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