SKU: AC-525

PIC18 / PIC16 Trainer

This trainer is an inexpensive and powerful single-board PIC trainer based on the Microchip PIC 18Fxx or PIC 16Fxx.

IC: Microchip® PIC18F4520 and PIC16F877A
Connector(s): Serial port
All ports accessible via male & female headers, all CPU pins accessible via male connectors

  - Can be used with any PIC18Fxx or PIC16Fxx 40-pin DIP package microcontroller from Microchip
  - Programmable with PICkit 2 (not included in kit but can be added to order) and MPLAB from Microchip
  - All ports A, B, C, D, and E are accessible via male & female connectors
  - Integrated digital I/O with 8 switches and 8 LEDs
  - Switches & LEDs are all accessible via male & female connectors
  - All CPU pins accessible via male connectors
  - Onboard power supply
  - One serial port for connection to a PC

The kit includes:
  - The PIC trainer board
  - PIC18F4520 chip (installed) and an additional PIC16F877A chip
  - Power supply
  - Wire kit w/ sixteen 6" jumper wires


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