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Microprocessor Cortex-M3 trainer

This is Microprocessor Trainer which is very useful for the students who want to learn about 32-bit micro-processor.This trainer has one processor-module like Cortex-M3. The detailed features can be described as below ;     

1) Training system of 32-bit Microprocessor.     
2) One module like Cortex-M3 Processor mounted.     
3) Cortex-M3 Architecture, Assembler and Firmware practice.     
4) Practice of the initialized code analysis using Keil MDK-ARM, WinAVR compiler.      
5) Provide the manual book for Assembler and C language based Cortex-M3 module practice.     
6) Provide various peripheral devices such as I/O Port, Dot Matrix, LCD, FND, Audio, Keypad, ADC/DAC, etc)     

1) This trainer is designed one module of Cortex-M3 to be easily replaced from Hardware platform.      
2) Users can do the following practices

(a) Peripheral device control by using assembler language to three modules.     
(b) Booting the board through Keil MDK-ARM, WinAVR compiler.     
(c) Software and Hardware debugging practice.      
3) The manual book is provided to manage Instruction and Program Status to be used as STEP Function.     
4) The source program is provided for remote control and mutal communication & control through RS-232 cable by equipping Cortex-M3 module to Hardware platform.     
5) C source code is provided which used for Keil MDK-arm Compiler by connecting Cortex-M3 (STM32) processor module.     
6) Various peripheral devices like I/O Port, Dot Matriz is provided, and thus various experimental practice is available such as Step Motor speed, angle, LCD, FND, Audio, KEY, A / D, sensors, D / A test lab.     
7) Lab test assembler, C source code and schematics are provided.     

Cortex-M3 overview and tools (Introduction of Cortex-M3 , Structure of Cortex-M3, CortexM3 Pin configuration, Programming tool, Compiler (KEIL MDK ARM) installation, How to use the development tool).   
Chapter 1  GPIO LED control  
Chapter 2  LED control  
Chapter 3  Interrupt  
Chapter 4  External LED control  
Chapter 5  FND control  
Chapter 6  Character LCD control  
Chapter 7  Dot Matrix control  
Chapter 8  Graphic LCD control  
Chapter 9  Dip Switch control  
Chapter 10  Key Pad control  
Chapter 11  Step Moter control  
Chapter 12  Buzzer control  
Chapter 13  USART control  

 Hardware platform.         1 ea
 Cortex-M3 Processor module 1 ea
 Parallel cable (for ISP) 1 ea
 Serial cable      1 ea
 USB cable       1 ea
 Power cable      1 ea
 Program CD      1 ea
 Manual book for 8051 using Assembler and C language     1 book














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